October 23, 2020

Rockport VP on What It’s Like to Be Gay and a Woman in the Corporate World

Each day in June, FN is highlighting female forces in the industry as part of our Women in Power series.
Sue Dooley, SVP global marketing, The Rockport Group, knows what it means to come up against the corporate establishment on a series of fronts. As a gay woman, she’s gracefully met them due to the encouragement of her friend and business associate Bob Infantino, who’s encouraged Dooley to be herself both professionally and personally. Here, Dooley shares the challenges and decisions she’s made on her career journey.
Sue Dooley, SVP global marketing, The Rockport Group
What was the biggest breakthrough moment in your career?
It was in 1997 when my boss then and is today, Bob Infantino, encouraged me to come out. At that point in time, I wasn’t an openly gay woman. He thought it would be the best thing for me to be myself. It allowed me to be [who] I was without any false airs about what I was doing that weekend or evening or with whom. It allowed me to have a more open and personal relationship with the people I worked with. I’ve never looked back.
Is there anything you would have done differently?
Sometimes I look back and regret to some degree not

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