January 26, 2021

Owen Wilson’s Kids Might Be Funnier Than He Is

Owen Wilson has played many funny roles, but his kids may be giving him a run for his money in the comedy department.

The actor has two sons ― 6-year-old, Ford, with his ex-girlfriend, Jade Duell, and 3-year-old, Finn, with his former personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist. Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he spoke about the boys and their everyday antics.

“Ford seems like he might even be a little stunt man in training,” the actor explained before presenting a video of his “fearless” son doing an epic belly flop off a diving board. “He’s a big Jackie Chan fan,” he added.

As for Finn, they call him “me too” because he copies everything Ford does.

“Anything Ford says is just the funniest thing ever,” Wilson said. “And I can make a joke, and it’s, like, crickets. It’s like nothing from those guys.”

“Unless Ford laughs,” DeGeneres noted.

“Sometimes it feels more like I’m already seeing how they’re gonna be as teenagers, where they’re gonna sort of be ganging up on me,” the actor said.

On a recent trip to Sequoia National Park, Wilson showed his sons the famous General Sherman tree.

“I’m like, ‘Guys, this is the biggest tree in the world,’ and Ford’s like, ‘I’ve seen bigger,’” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Well no, Ford, actually, you haven’t seen bigger. This is the General Sherman tree. This is the biggest tree.’ And he’s like, ‘If you say so.’”

He continued, “And I’m like, ‘No, it’s not if I say so, there’s the plaque right here,’ and he’s like, ‘I can’t read.’”

Watch the full interview for more of the actor’s parenting musings, including his memories of his own childhood in the 1970s.

Said Wilson, “It was just a different time, with no sunscreens and bike helmets.”

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