May 12, 2021

MM6 Maison Margiela Resort 2018

MM6 Maison Margiela’s catchphrases for resort included “industrial, not artcraft” and “similar items, new contexts.” Hmmm. Let’s just say the lineup offered sleek interpretations and twists on both archival and new ideas. The design team emphasized flat silhouettes; pieces that looked terrific in both 2-D and 3-D. For instance, a red, sleeveless knit with zippers up both sides took shape as either a dress or a top while two dresses — one in black and the other in red — revealed a rectangular, tacked-on cape when worn.
Velcro was employed extensively. Socks could be added or detached from Velcro-sole sandals, while a top and dress could be wrapped and fastened in endless ways thanks to the adhesive. Also customizable, in three steps: a pant, top and shoes. The first step comes at purchase: rigid, white cotton pants, kept stiff from a vegetable glue bind. Step two: wash the pants. As this happens, the fabric becomes bleached through and separates, giving the pants a much softer texture. Step three: the canvas can be cut away to reveal great, dark wash jeans with deconstructed details.
While there was less denim than prior seasons, a great pair of jeans with handkerchief hems stood out. Bestsellers

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