May 13, 2021

Formula 1 Racer Fernando Alonso Launches Kimoa, Talks Lewis Hamilton and Potentially Leaving McLaren

Fernando Alonso, a two-time Formula 1 World champion and this year’s Indy 500 rookie of the year, is also a clothing entrepreneur. The Spanish racing driver brought WWD up-to-speed Thursday about his latest business venture, his competition with Lewis Hamilton and the truth about his racing plans with McLaren.
WWD: Why did you decide to create Kimoa with a couple of friends?
Fernando Alonso: Initially, we thought of starting a restaurant or a cycling team. Then we thought maybe we could start a clothing brand that reflected a lifestyle we enjoyed, after all those years of traveling around the world. We love California, the beach, sunsets with friends. Even if you don’t surf or skateboard, you still like that lifestyle. After a year and a half of preparations, we’ve come out with Kimoa. Now we have T-shirts and the proper collection will come next year. This is not my only investment but it is one that I really like. But I plan to do more things for Kimoa because I really enjoy the values of Kimoa.
WWD: You recently shot a video surfing in Los Angeles for Kimoa’s site. Have you been surfing for a while?
F.A.: This was my first time on a

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